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Jessy’s LOADED Sloppy Joes

Super easy to throw together, Sloppy Joes are perfect for weeknights! Overflowing with vegetables, this quick comfort food becomes a wholesome, healthy meal. I wrote in the ingredients as I like to make it, but I usually end up using whatever vegetable is "on it's way out". In that regard, it's a perfect recipe to… Continue reading Jessy’s LOADED Sloppy Joes

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The BEST Berry Coulis EVER!

This is a recipe I kind of threw together, needing something to top some plain yogurt, and just having a nearly empty bag of frozen berries on hand. Since that fateful haphazard chucking of ingredients, it has become a new staple in our home, topping everything from waffles to pancakes, to ice-cream. My husband makes… Continue reading The BEST Berry Coulis EVER!

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A Toddler’s Lesson in Self-Love

Originally written a year-and-a-half (whaa?) ago, I post this text today in honor of my beautiful, brave, and brilliant Pearl Girl's third birthday. My 17-month-old daughter is the kindest, most loving (and smartest) person in the whole world (pardon my bias). Everyone & everything she loves is treated to a multitude of hugs & kisses… Continue reading A Toddler’s Lesson in Self-Love