Ile-des-Moulins, Terrebonne, Quebec | Milk Stains & Notebooks | Motherhood. Marriage. Furious Scribbling. |
Short Stories & Passages, Spilled Ink & Prose

Epilogue – Excerpt One

It was over.

He collapsed on the beach, exhausted. He felt the hot sand at his back, warming his aching body. He saw colors of the sunset over the ocean, warming his soul.

It was over.

He lay on that beach for a long time. When the tide came in and washed over him, the wet fabric of his dress pants sticking to his skin reminded him that he was still wearing his tuxedo. Well, there goes my deposit, he thought, cynically. He knew the tux was already ruined by the blood that was being washed away with the tide.

He lay there, looking up at the first stars, as the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon. He lay there, letting the waves wash over him, finally, finally at peace. The rustle of wings told him it was time. He stood, leaving his broken body behind him.

It was over, and he was going home.

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