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Luxury Facial Soap | A Milk Stained Product Review

Luxury Facial Soap by Currantly Yours | A Milk Stained Product Review | Milk Stains & Notebooks • Motherhood. Marriage. Furious Scribbling. |

Product: “Canadian Fall” Luxury Facial Soap

Disclosure: This product review was not solicited nor paid for by Currantly Yours. This item has been paid for with my own monies and reviewed based solely on my personal opinion and experience with the product. I aim to always be honest with myself, my reviews, and my readers: Currantly Yours’ owner, Wendy Boulay, is a friend, though this does not affect the objectivity of this review.

I have dry/sensitive skin, so I usually use my kids’ baby soap to wash my face, but one eventually tires of smelling like a baby’s bottom… I’ve been shopping around for a good facial soap/cleanser for a while now. My thirties are two years away, and I’d like to get a good, natural skin care (note that I said skincare, not wrinkle prevention) routine in place before then. What I want is a soap that cleans my face, without leaving it dry and flaky, and without harmful chemicals that strip away the skin’s natural oils.
Queue Currantly Yours.

From their about page: Currantly Yours is dedicated in bringing the health benefits of Blackcurrants (Ribes Nigrum) to the world through skin care! We make high quality skin care products, all of which contain blackcurrant seed oil for full skin health benefits and anti-aging.


Luxury Facial Soap by Currantly Yours | A Milk Stained Product Review | Milk Stains & Notebooks • Motherhood. Marriage. Furious Scribbling. |

Shopping & Ordering: Curranty Yours’ item descriptions are clear, concise, and detailed, without being overcomplicated; one understands perfectly what they’re ordering. Their product images are clean and attractive to the eye and showcase the products well. The order, processing, and shipping processes were quick and efficient. The package arrived promptly, this despite two civic holidays!

First impressions: The soap smells amazing! True to the description, it smells of a crisp fall day, with a small hint of spice! They are well packaged, and I love CY’s clean label design. The mica painted on the top of the soap is a very pretty touch, though initially there seemed to be too much of it; my three-year-old took a sniff of the bar and came away with a lovely brown spot on her nose (“Nuh-uh Mama, I didn’t take your soap!” Uh huh. ). I was also worried that when washing my face, it would end up being shimmery/glittery the first few uses, however, those fears were quickly dispelled; 99% of the mica was easily rinsed off under the tap.

First use: The soap creates a nice, rich later, and, again, smells amazing, with just the right amount of scent. Left my skin feeling very clean (complete with squeak!), yet hydrated and smooth, not dry and “stretched” as with most bar soaps.

Seventh Day Impressions: After seven days of consistent use, I’ve definetly noticed a difference; the flakiness of my uber-dry forehead is gone, and my face feels softer, the skin more supple. The bar itself has barely shrunk in volume, and retains it’s initial fragrance.

Closing Notes: All in all, I highly recommend Currantly Yours’ Luxury Facial Soap. A lot of us stay away from bar soaps, for fear that they be drying and/or damaging, but this Luxury Facial Soap is anything but that.  Luxurious, hydrating, and nourishing, you should definitely visit the Currantly Yours shop and treat yourself! While supplies last, take advantage of the 2016 soap collection’s BOGO sale! I myself look forward to trying this soap’s many other fragrances!

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  1. I hope you don’t mind if I re-post your review (Facebook/cobblestonegallerywaterloo)! We carry Currently Yours and know how great it is! It’s wonderful to read such a positive review.

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