12924382_10153509640756179_6669267999677180426_nHi! I’m Jessica, the writer behind Milk Stains & Notebooks!


Why MS&N? I’m glad you asked! I wanted a blog name that reflected who I am both as a parent, and as a writer. “Notebooks” was easy; I always have (at least) one on my person, and I may have a slight obsession with collecting stationary.

“Milk Stains” comes from my first week as a parent. I breastfed my daughter, so when my milk came in, up until I sent my husband out for nursing pads, I had perpetually milk-stained shirts. It’s a silly memory because if my daughter would so much as whine in her sleep, the milk works would turn back on, and I’d find myself in yet another soaked shirt. Breastfeeding was such an important part of my parenting journey with both my kids; such an essential part of my identity as a parent for that first little bit, that I had to nod to it somehow in my blog’s title.

My husband and I met online in June of 2013, met in July of that same year, and, true to12771584_10153423140181179_8381950428666283792_o our wedding song, we simply could not help falling in love. Our beautiful, magnificent daughter, our Pearl Girl was born in June of 2014, on the night of the full moon.  We celebrated our wedding in August 2015, then, in September of 2016, on the dark of the moon this time, we were again blessed with the arrival of our ever-smiling Sapphire Son.

A very happily married mother of two young children, and pursuer of many varied and eclectic interests, I’m always busy, and I like it that way. Idle hands, or so the saying goes. I love life and find much happiness in continuously exploring my passions.

An avid reader at a young age, my love of reading became a passion for writing early on. As I enjoy reading many genres, so too, have I developed a strong grasp of many different writing styles. My great loves are IMG_20160903_164628creative writing/fiction, opinion pieces, and poetry.

I am also an avid crafter (why buy it when you can make it?). Alongside my love of cooking and baking, I also make most of our cleaning products, some beauty products, and many herbal remedies. I sew, knit, crochet, embroider, wood-burn… Simply put, I love to create, whatever the medium.

With so many varying and eclectic interests, I can’t help but include them all in some shape or form on this blog… expect variety, honesty, laughs, vulnerability, creativity, and lots of coffee on this journey with me through Milk Stains and Notebooks!

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