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The Mother’s Prayer

Oh give me patience when wee hands Tug at me with their small demands. And give me gentle and smiling eyes. Keep my lips from hasty replies. And let not weariness, confusion, or noise Obscure my vision from life’s fleeting joys. So when, in years to come my house is still- No bitter memories its rooms… Continue reading The Mother’s Prayer

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Dear Self

I found an interesting writing prompt on Pinterest last week, and found it quite inspiring: "Write a letter to yourself, ten years ago". I've been thinking about it for a few days now, pondering what I would write to my 18-year old self. I could shoot off a cliché, and tell her that everything is… Continue reading Dear Self

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Epilogue – Excerpt One

It was over. He collapsed on the beach, exhausted. He felt the hot sand at his back, warming his aching body. He saw colors of the sunset over the ocean, warming his soul. It was over. He lay on that beach for a long time. When the tide came in and washed over him, the… Continue reading Epilogue – Excerpt One

Journal Entries, Spilled Ink & Prose

Happy Birthday

It's silly. Your birthday is this week, and one particular memory keeps surfacing. It's not even a particularly bad memory; we were children then, and since I now have children of my own, I understand better. Yet still, it fills me with sadness and regret. You probably don't even remember, you were so small. I… Continue reading Happy Birthday