Thank you for your interest in working with me and my blog, Milk Stains & Notebooks! This blog covers a wide and eclectic variety of interests and topics, mainly centered around parenting & motherhood, simple living, domestic bliss, and writing & other creative pursuits.

An avid reader at a young age, my love of reading became a passion for writing early on. As I enjoy reading many genres, so too, have I developed a strong grasp of many different writing styles, and their applications. My great loves are creative writing/fiction, opinion pieces, and poetry, though I am also experienced in non-fiction, transcription, proofreading, and editing.

Over the past ten years, I have done extensive work for the Silver Roan Community; researching, writing, editing, and proofreading course materials, textbooks, pamphlets, and web pages. As such, my skills are very well honed in these domains. I have also done much work in English-to-french translation, most notably for the Chateauguay Valley Horse Club, and for my own business publications. I also have extensive experience in customer service, which makes a customer satisfaction a number one priority, and I believe prompt, concise communication and delivery is the key to that satisfaction.

Check out the services listed below, and if you have/represent a product or project that would be a good fit for me and my blog, send me an email at and I will be happy to consider your proposal! Fees are collected via PayPal.

Product, Service & Book Reviews

Please note: a ‘paid’ review does not guarantee a ‘good’ review. Honesty with myself, my opinions, and my readers is a priority for the Milk Stains & Notebooks blog. 

Basic Review

$50.00 + Cost of Product + Shipping
Review: 500-word minimum, posted to Milk Stains & Notebooks and Amazon. Promoted on our social media pages for one week. [Book reviews: Kindle editions are accepted. Reviews are also posted to GoodReads.]

Review & Giveaway

$75.00 + Cost of Two (2) Products + Shipping
Review: 500 minimum word review, posted to the Milk Stains & Notebooks and Amazon, promoted on our social media pages for one week, and linked in the giveaway post.
Giveaway: 250 minimum word giveaway post, drawing one of the two supplied products via raffle copter. Giveaway is promoted on our social media pages for thirty days, and the prize is drawn thirty-one days after publication. [Book Reviews: At least one of the two books (the prize) *must* be a paperback edition. Reviews are also posted to GoodReads.]


$50.00 – 300×250 Sidebar Ad posted for thirty days. Includes two mentions on each of our social media platforms.

$75.00 – 1180 × 360 Header Ad randomly rotated with our own header for thirty days. Includes two mentions on each of our social media platforms.

Writing Services

I am also available to assist you on projects that require proofreading, editing, translation (english to french and vise-versa), as well as audio transcription. Please contact me for a quote!

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